Enable Digital Transformation with Microsoft Azure

In virtually every industry, new, digitally born companies threaten to disrupt industry incumbents. If you don’t adapt to stay competitive, your competitors will. The taxi industry, for instance, has been fundamentally transformed by the introduction of digitally-powered, ride-on-demand services. Whether you’re looking to migrate to the cloud or consider yourself a cloud-native company, Azure delivers unique value that helps keep you ahead of your competition.

Savvy businesses draw upon data from employees, customers, operations, and products to drive actionable business insights to continuously transform their business. Azure can help power your company make better business decisions through powerful, data-driven insights and intelligence.

Our Cloud Adoption Approach

Move apps across environments, share infrastructure resources, access rapid disaster recovery, and scale up and down to meet business growth or spikes in demand.
Cloud 9 Infosystems’ Cloud Framework, based on Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework, provides a seamless and automated process with consistent infrastructure and operations from deployments scripts to automated deployment pipelines. So, you can access the capacity you need when you need it.

Why Choose us for your Azure Cloud Services?

Utilizing Microsoft’s best practices and tools within the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, Cloud 9 has moved hundreds of servers from an on-premise software solution to the cloud. Because of our strict discipline to following process, Cloud 9 was named the 2017 US SMB Azure Central Region Partner of the Year and Windows Azure Circle Partner of the Year. We highly recommend Azure for our cloud solutions, and it isn’t only It doesn’t matter the size of your company or your industry; everyone benefits from the cloud, especially a secure cloud platform such as Microsoft Azure.

  • Single vendor across clouds – Private, Public, Hosted and even Hybrid Models.
  • Single point of support for Infrastructure, OS, Services and Applications
  • Tenured Experience and success driven enterprise credibility
  • Single vendor for Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IAAS) and Platform-As-A-Service (PAAS)
  • Experienced in SharePoint, SQL Server, Windows Server and ERP Solutions and ERP solutions on Azure.

The Unique Value of Azure

Azure is designed to align with your business goals and needs by delivering unique value in four key areas:

  • Be future-ready
  • Capabilities you need today but more added continuously to meet your needs tomorrow and beyond.
  • Build on your teams
  • Developers can build with the frameworks, languages, tools, and Open Source software they want.
  • Operate hybrid seamlessly
  • Seamlessly operate technology on-premises, in the cloud, and sitting on Edge devices.
  • Trust your cloud
  • Build and deploy on a platform you can trust – secure and compliant.

The custom Azure packages

Cloud 9 has created three unique implementation packages. Each package includes: An initial consultation to review specific business requirements, creating an Azure architecture design specific to your needs, and implementing the architecture.

Azure App Hosting Design

Cloud 9 will create an Azure design based on the customer’s requirements which includes a structural design, monthly estimated cost and estimated installation services.

Azure Architecture Design

Cloud 9 will create an Azure architecture design based on customer’s business and application requirements for high availability, security, flexibility, scalability, compliance and budget. The package will include a structural design, monthly estimated cost, and estimated installation services.

Azure Datacenter Migration

Cloud 9 will develop an Azure datacenter migration plan to expand your IT capabilities on Azure. In a two week period of time, Cloud 9 will engage with the customers to identify the client’s requirements through a deep assessment. We will then develop an Azure datacenter migration plan to migrate the customer from the current solution to Azure.

Custom Azure Packages

Microsoft Gold Partner

Cloud 9 Infosystems is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and one of the first Azure circle partners. As gold partners in our core competencies, Cloud 9 helps develop mission critical and business critical applications in the cloud, supporting Dynamics ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence applications leveraging a global delivery model to deliver cost effective solutions.

Our partnership with Microsoft offers powerful development tools and virtual testing environments and responsive technical support to solve issues fast. With our deep expertise and support, we make sure our customers benefit from it to innovate and grow their business.

Advantages of Choosing Azure Cloud Services

The value that Azure provides across these four areas ensures that your adoption of the cloud is successful on day one, and in the future.

Azure Governance Icon

Azure Governance

An integrated security & consulting approach to implement policies, processes & standards for architecture, acquisition, deployment, operation, and management of cloud computing.

Azure Governance Icon

Azure Hybrid Connectivity

Extend your on-premises network to Azure with consistent identity management, application logic, operations methodology, and other resources.

Azure Governance Icon

Azure Hybrid Identity

Have a common login for your infrastructure & applications.

Azure Governance Icon

Azure Unified Security Management

A centralized security management system for on-premise and Azure cloud infrastructures.

“Cloud 9 really excels at navigating their customers through their digital transformation journey.”

  • Brent Combest
  • General Manager of Microsoft Central Region SMB&D

Cloud Migration

Organizations transform their enterprise and legacy applications via the cloud for speed, reliability, and reduced cost. Utilizing best practices and tools within Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework, Cloud 9 can quickly and strategically create a plan to implement your organization’s cloud migration plan.


Modern Security

Cloud 9 can help enterprises modernize and secure their cloud native applications from development to production, whether they use containers, serverless functions, or virtual machines. Cloud 9 bridges the gap between DevOps and security, while promoting promoting business agility and accelerating digital transformation.

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud 9’s Infrastructure solutions help enterprises design, build, manage, migrate, optimize and secure their IT infrastructure in an agile manner, enabling better integration with existing processes and operations at optimum cost.  We can help provide the expertise, accreditation, best practices and technology-agnostic approach to help you lay a solid cloud foundation to achieve your goals and accelerate your digital transformation.


Modern Virtual Desktop

In the middle of a global crisis, 48% of Americans, a total of 150 million people have been asked to stay home to avoid spreading disease. Suddenly, companies need to find that critical infrastructure to allow people to work from home. For companies, there are further concerns, such as VPN capacity, the cost of providing extra devices (for example, an office worker who normally uses a desktop may need to be issued a laptop). These solutions need to scale up quickly, without huge capital investment for what is, after all, a temporary situation

Modernize Applications

Cloud 9 has produced solutions in all three pillars of Cloud Application Development – IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Whether you are on public cloud, private or hybrid cloud, migrating an existing application, or starting out on a brand-new solution, we can give you best of breed solutions. Leveraging our skillsets in Cloud, Web and Mobile, we update the application to the new platforms and architecture.


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