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Identify vulnerabilities, maintain compliance and get a roadmap to protect your business through our
Comprehensive Security Assessment.

Two-thirds of all U.S. organizations experience between 1 to 25 breaches every single month. The cybercrime situation is appalling. Damage related to cybercrime is projected to hit $6 trillion.

Whether you are using cloud providers, such as AWS or Microsoft Azure, to host your sensitive applications and data or taking advantage of the speed that Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox, and other cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers offer, you have a role to play in cloud security.

Cloud 9 Security helps enterprises secure their cloud native applications from development to production, whether they run using containers, serverless, or virtual machines. Cloud 9 bridges the gap between DevOps and security, promoting business agility and accelerating digital transformation.

A partner to protect your business

Privacy and security are top concerns for enterprises today. We have helped industry leaders continue to safeguard their most valued assets.

Protect Your Business Every Minute of the Day.

With more employees using different (personal) devices and more data moving to the cloud, there are more threats and security risks to think about. Data can easily get leaked outside your organization, devices that connect to sensitive business information can be lost or stolen, and people can make mistakes. Cybercriminals have become extremely creative in inventing mechanisms to bypass your security settings:


Phishing attacks are getting harder and harder to recognize.


Ransomware twists the power of encryption to work against you, taking critical files hostage.


Social engineering attacks can take advantage of people who are just trying to be productive.

Less stress and more flow with a Cloud 9 approach to cyber security strategy

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Blocks 99.9% of Hacker Attempts. (Microsoft)

91% of cyber-attacks begin with a spear phishing e-mail.

With Microsoft 365 your data governance program becomes measurable, manageable, and useable

Endpoint protections, Insider Risk Management and Communication Compliance in Microsoft 365 helps in proactive as well as reactive monitoring and response.

Awareness and training are the marketing and communications segment of your overall adoption strategy

Gain the Confidence You Need to Defend Against Threats

We help you meet your security challenges proactively. Our approach is not only to help a company deliver new solutions and workloads, but to also be a trusted partner throughout the entire cloud lifecycle. If you are looking for guidance on how to build a robust and reliable security solution for your organization, let us help you to protect your M 365 environment continuously so you can:

Reduce your cyber security risks

Reduce cyber security risk by deploying best practice security configurations, minimizing your attack surface, preventing attacks, monitoring and responding to threats efficiently to minimize business impact

Save time

Save time by detecting threats earlier with 24×7 security monitoring, saving time investigating false positives and responding faster to real attacks using experienced Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs by augmenting internal resources with a trusted security advisor and saving cost and time by not building/running an internal Security Operation Center and thus, preventing costly data breaches and fines

Accelerate compliance

Accelerate compliance by aligning appropriate security configurations and providing reporting to support industry standards and regulations.

Maximize the ROI of your security investment

Maximize security ROI by helping customers achieve desired business outcomes by ensuring security features in licenses are utilized and configured optimally to meet security goals.

Our Security Assessments

Penetration & Vulnerability

Deflect security threats with top-of-the-line testing methods that simulate real-time attacks.

Social Engineering Training

Prepare users by teaching them to identify and avoid phishing, targeted emails and more.

Perimeter Security Improvement

Implement protective measures that go outside of network boundaries, like the cloud.

Endpoint Security Analysis

Prevent security gaps caused by the growing number of endpoints in your system.

Email Security Overview

Leverage tools to scan your email services, assess policies and follow best practices.

Cloud Security Review

Identify cloud apps that may be exposing your data and develop protection strategies.

Mobile Security Strategy

Analyze your device ecosystem and create an optimized mobile security platform.

Compromise Detection

Use forensic analytics and cutting-edge security tools to see if you’ve been compromised.

Security Optimization

Reduce costs and operational complexities by eliminating overlapping solutions.

Cloud 9’s Managed 360 Security Offering

Cloud 9 ’s Managed 360 Security enables you to effectively respond to security incidents and realize the full benefits and return on your Azure and M 365 security investments. Designed as an end-to-end service, our experts provide design, implementation and ongoing monitoring and management through design, deploy, protect, detect and respond covering all three main security pillars of Identity and Access Management, Threat Protection and Device Protection.

Included in our service is our Security Operations Center (SOC). The SOC continually monitors, investigates and responds to security alerts from your environment enabling your security team to respond faster and more efficiently to threats and security incidents.


  • In depth assessment of a security posture
  • Presentation of assessment findings
  • Provide best practice security configuration recommendations
  • Design workshop to gather information for policy and control settings


  • Deployment of customer security policies and alerts.
  • Identity and Access Management with Azure AD
  • Device Protection with Intune and Windows Defender
  • Threat Management with ATP and Cloud App Security


  • Maintain update policies and settings
  • Protect against malware, spam and phishing attacks
  • Secure identities and prevent account compromise
  • Control access and usage of applications to reduce security risk


  • 24X7 Security Alert Monitoring and Investigation
  • Tirage Security alerts for risky logins, malware, policy violations, suspicious access or activity in cloud applications
  • Automated or manual investigation by 24X7 SOC to determine scope and cause of attacks


  • 24X7 SOC provides actionable recommendations to customer for remediation
  • Configured auto-response and remediation to respond faster to detected threats and help minimize business impact


Organizations are accelerating data migration to cloud. We help migrate data and protect enterprise data on Cloud. Cloud 9 understands the nature of industry-specific data elements and knows what controls must be implemented from a compliance standpoint.

Cloud 9 has ensured that our services can support the complex cross-walk challenges of HIPAA, NIST, CCPA and other state specific requirements.

We have achieved highest levels of competency in Banking & Financial Services, Media and Manufacturing that will enable us to safeguard data on the cloud.

We will help with application vulnerability scanning and remediation, AI/ML aided intelligent threat detection, and protect applications with web application firewalls and secure DevOps.

Security covering entire life cycle of containerized applications:


  • Pre-deployment image scanning
  • Assess running images for impact of new CVEs

Audit & Compliance

  • Facilitate compliance: PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, CIS benchmarks, Docker bench
  • User activity audits and network topology maps

Runtime security

  • Detection of anomalies, K8s audit
  • Simple policy creation, out-of-box policies


  • Contextually enriched events
  • Detailed pre-and post-event forensic captures including commands, file I/O, network activity, etc

API gateways allow developers to encapsulate the internal structure of an application in multiple ways depending upon the use case. In addition to accommodating direct requests, gateways can be used to invoke multiple back-end services and aggregate the results.

  • Enhance API lifecycle management, including publishing, monitoring, protecting, analyzing, monetizing, and engaging the community.
  • Protect APIs from network threats, including denial-of-service (DoS) attacks and common scripting/injection attacks through web application firewall (WAF)
  • Protect data from being aggressively scraped by detecting patterns from one or more IP addresses through anti-farming/bot security
  • Distribute cached content to the edge of the Internet, reducing the load on origin servers while protecting them from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks via content delivery network (CDN)
  • Manage identity, authentication, and authorization services, often through integration with API gateway and management layers via Identity Providers (IdP)
  • Perform thorough security assessment for existing and new build APIs to identify vulnerabilities before release across technical and business aspects.


Report on the current state of your organization’s security posture.
Improve overall security posture by providing discoverability, visibility, guidance, and control.
Compare with industry benchmarks and establish easy to follow key performance indicators

Once the assessment has completed, Cloud 9 can provide additional recommendations to help your organization improve overall security posture by:

Controlling & managing access to your sensitive business information
Protecting your company’s data across devices
Guarding against unsafe attachments, suspicious links, and other cyber threats.
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Workshop Training

In Cloud 9, we have found a partner with considerable cloud experience. This was evident in the successful orchestration of our Cloud migration. After a few other projects, they are now our go-to-partner for all our Azure needs. They are also our cloud solution provider for provisioning, managing, and supporting our Azure environment. We would definitely recommend Cloud 9.


Learn how a leading manufacturing company embraces Microsoft Cloud to improve their operations, scalability and security.
Cloud 9 enables Microsoft Azure RMS for an automobile giant Navnit Group for best in class encryption data management and communication.

With Cloud 9, you can protect your cloud migration simply, seamlessly, and securely – anywhere. Request a cloud security consultation.