Microsoft Teams Consulting & Governance

In today’s world, amid concerns around things like Coronavirus, working remotely is a necessity for many people. Office 365 applications, such as Microsoft Teams, are excellent solutions to quickly address this need.

Microsoft Teams fosters a secure and collaborative environment to help organizations become more efficient in the workplace.

Teams is built on Office 365 groups, Microsoft Graph, and the same enterprise-level security, compliance, and manageability as the rest of Office 365. Teams leverages identities stored in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Teams keeps working even when you’re offline or experiencing spotty network conditions.

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Security is another area in which Microsoft Teams stands apart. You’re always provided with cutting-edge security and compliance capabilities . Your data is encrypted while in transit and at rest. With over 175 Security certificates Teams is prepared to meet your compliance and governance need.

Teams is also a part of Microsoft’s global network of data centers which is said to have a transparent operational model. Your Teams account is provisioned within Office 365 and managed via the Admin console.

While chats occur within channels, Teams also allows you to add Tabs to other properties. You can connect to different things like documents, a SharePoint site, external website or Power BI report etc. Once added, Tabs are displayed at the top navigation of each Channel.

Teams was constructed to leverage the maximum capability of the Microsoft Graph, your workgroups and teams will now have the ability to share insights, intelligence, and data anywhere within the Office 365 suite.

The ability to meet virtually is an important and cost-effective feature for businesses today. Teams gives you a view of your scheduled meetings, with particulars like who will be attending, the time and subject of the meeting.

In this modern era, customization is an important feature for any application. If your trying to increase engagement within your organization look no further – Microsoft Teams has you covered.

You can tailor this platform to meet all your unique business and cultural needs of your organization. Teams gives you a platform with options for extensibility and open APIs with general availability. Through the leveraging of Microsoft Exchange’s Connector model, Teams can provide you with updates and notifications from third-party services like Twitter or GitHub. With added support for Microsoft’s Bot Framework, your organization will be able to create and customize the applications that integrate with Microsoft Teams.

Available on both Android and iOS, Teams provides an easy-to-use app that allows you to chat with your team via text, have a voice conversation or conduct video meeting.

Channels are a great innovative feature that work like a dedicated distribution list for a subset of players within a team. They minimize silos and improve transparency within team communication. At the moment all channels share the same security as the team, but private channels with unique security may be an option in near future.


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