The Navnit Group, a $100M plus integrated network of diverse companies, is a reputed and professionally managed Mumbai, India-based business and global brand. The company operates within sectors as diverse as automotive, infrastructure, marine, adventure sports, aviation and financial services. They provide a wide variety of products, services and support for dozens of franchises including but not limited to Rolls Royce, Ferrari, BMW, Hyundai, both Indian and global. They cater to the needs of their numerous upscale clients while providing a world class communications and customer experience for all.


  • Size: 1001 – 5000 employees
  • Location: India – Mumbai


Practice Areas


Due to the wide variety of business types, along with the strategic depth and cultural diversity of the group, they needed to ensure that they were poised for future growth, success and security. A major component for this mission critical initiative was the desire to improve upon their ability to create, share, manage and secure the documents produced in the course of their daily enterprise operations.

Navnit’s communications and document ecosystem were not ideal and provided the perfect opportunity to build a state-of-the-art Document Management System that enabled the users to access, create, manage, share and protect business critical documents. At the top of Navnit’s list of requirements was the ability to protect their enterprise assets and restrict access where needed and warranted based on company, user or document type. Data loss was also a major concern among different departments and franchisees and needed to be a part of the overall solution. There was also the need for improved accessibility tracking to identify suspicious activities from both within and outside of the organization.


Cloud 9 performed a full Enterprise assessment of the organization to understand all functional business areas and the unique document management requirements for each. Upon completion and after analysing all areas of the Enterprise, it was recommended that Navnit implement Microsoft’s Azure RMS (Azure Rights Management Service). This cloud-based protection service uses encryption, identity, and authorization policies to help secure files and emails, and it works across multiple devices—phones, tablets, and PCs. Information could be protected both within and outside their organization because that protection remains with the data, even when it leaves their organizational boundaries. This enabled the customer to protect Office, pdf and image documents at the time of creation or modification and based on the source. It also enabled the customer to protect the documents based on document sensitivity and user rights


The Navnit Group now has complete control over their most prized possession: Their Enterprise Data Assets. They are now able to provide best-in-class Global communications and Document Management practices to their employees, clients and franchises. The Navnit IT team is now able to know who accessed the file or attempted to access the file. Email notifications were set up for suspicious activity or unauthorized access. Azure RMS also allowed the team to revoke access to the file remotely if needed. They can share data safely within the organization as well as with clients and franchisees. RMS policies for auto disclaimer and watermark, when applied, allows the user to protect the confidential documents. The new policies get applied automatically and they are classified as the property of Navnit Group ensuring privacy and security.