Sales/Expense Management & Predictive Analytics

This showcase describes how companies can analyze their sales performance with profitability and expenses using powerful visualizations like matrix, pie chart, gauge, KPI, and treemap. Also, by leveraging built-in predictive features, they can forecast the sales. The business user can take quick, actionable decisions based on current and forecast sales.

Sales Management Analytics

The goal of this showcase is to demonstrate how organizations can take quick decisions based on data by leveraging drill down, role based security, custom visual capabilities of Power BI. The showcase demonstrates the power of Power BI in Sales management scenario.

Real Estate Asset Management Analytics

Cloud 9 Infosystems implemented Power BI solutions to showcase Real estate Asset Management Analytics for a Real estate Asset management consulting company. The dashboard provides information to Asset Managers to make effective decisions to efficiently manage their projected maintenance spend on scheduled maintenance and review excess spend on unscheduled maintenance work.