Progressive Components (Procomps) is an independently operated developer and distributor of componentry and software for the production tooling industry. Progressive’s off-the-shelf standards and exclusive innovations are designed to speed mold builds, reduce costs, and minimize downtime, with availability through direct distribution and authorized dealers throughout the world.


  • Size: 51-200 employees
  • Location: USA – Midwest


Practice Areas


Progressive Components organization comprises multiple business areas. Each of those has access to certain systems and resources that are vital to their company’s viability and competitive edge. With that comes risk. Malicious actors inside or outside of the organization may try to disrupt or destroy critical systems, causing revenue loss or compromising sensitive information. Being a follower of cutting-edge technologies, Progressive components leveraged Cloud 9 to review and benchmark their operations to identify acute and potential vulnerabilities that put valuable data in harm’s way.


Progressive Components’ IT resources are provisioned in a pure Public cloud architecture, where the only hardware is personal computing devices, printers, and network equipment to provide local office and internet connectivity. A mix of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions provide the information technology services they need to run their business.

They have a public-facing e-commerce website hosted on a virtual machine in Azure and all their virtual machines, SQL Databases, virtual networks, and other resources are hosted securely in the Azure Cloud. They have a large number of users who use Office 365 applications for creating and storing confidential documents that require protection and granular level security from both outside and inside attacks.

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner and Tier –1 Cloud Solution Provider; Cloud 9 with its best security experts in Cloud Security stepped in to investigate and analyze the current environment. Cloud 9 recommended and created custom solutions for Progressive Components. We executed and delivered the recommendations guide to further assist Progressive Components with multiple solutions for implementing Azure Security Center recommendations and improve the Azure Security Center’s benchmark Secure Score.


  • Remediate Vulnerabilities on Virtual Machines
  • Apply Disk Encryption on Virtual Machines
  • Enable Adaptive Application Controls
  • Enable MFA for all the users
  • Restrict access through the Internet-facing the endpoint
  • Install Endpoint Protection
    Our team with its extensive knowledge and experience improved Progressive Components’ unique security posture, specializing in compliance audits, penetration tests, computer security assessments, and computer forensic investigations. We handled anything having to do with security or protecting data, including but not limited to intellectual property. Progressive components now enjoy a secure and sophisticated IT environment and are well- prepared for future cyber threats.