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Industry leaders like you are unlocking the potential of their data to increase growth opportunities with current and future clients and achieve operational excellence. In partnership with Cloud 9 Infosystems, Inc., you will amass additional mission-critical and business-critical benefits from your modernization.

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Azure Expert

As an Azure advanced specialization partner and Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSPs), Cloud 9 Infosystems, Inc. has undergon rigorous and independent technical validation of our capabilities and process to ensure we have met Microsoft’s strict partner standards. This way you can move forward confidently, knowing that we have proven our abilities and that we are committed as an organization to your success.


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Building an innovative world

Cloud 9 Infosystems, Inc. is a full-service, world-wide consultancy specializing in end-to-end solutions for organizations looking to build, migrate, manage, secure, and optimize their digital cloud strategic transformation.  Whether you are looking for Public, Hybrid, or Private Cloud solutions, Cloud 9 is always striving to strengthen your business opportunities and security.

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Stay competitive and adopt the cloud

Cloud 9 Infosystems, Inc. experts are your dedicated and trusted advisors through the complete adoption process – from developing a blueprint of your full cloud adoption to integrating the cloud with your current on-prem environments. In addition, our team is here to advise and provide constant reassurance by putting critical best practices to work. This is where years of experience and proven methodology put us above our competition. See for yourself and check out how our clients have adopted the cloud.

Reduce time and Headaches

Let us help you accelerate your business growth and lower your costs in the cloud.

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Cloud 9 Infosystems, Inc. Managed Services provides proactive management, expert guidance, and real-time resources to accelerate your cloud adoption journey with a seamless, low-risk, security-centric, and cost-optimized approach.

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If you are looking to optimize and scale your business, Cloud 9 Infosystems, Inc.’s, dedicated teams are prepared to guide a well-engineered move to the cloud and can create a customized end-to-end cloud‑based solution.

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Modernize your infrastructure and applications to make the cloud work for you. Whether public or private, if you are moving, rehosting, refactoring, or hybrid – Cloud 9 Infosystems Inc. will work with you.

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Cloud 9 Infosystem’s unique cloud optimization solution uses the knowledge from our experienced solution experts to provide you with decreased cloud spending, unmatched visibility into your cloud environment, and around the clock monitoring and cost anomaly detection.

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Let our team guide you to a stronger security environment. Gain security insights and respond faster with a modernized architecture. With Cloud 9 Infosystem Inc’s guidance, you can have updated security everywhere, so you are prepared to face uncertainty with confidence.

Our Focus Areas

Your business deserves the best and we deliver the best solutions

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Cloud Migration

Every Organization has become a digital company in one way or another. As a result, cloud modernization is becoming increasingly vital to your business strategy and continuity. You will benefit from our proprietary knowledge honed over 10 years which will reduce your ongoing costs when we migrate you to the cloud.

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Modern Cloud Security

As your organization grows and your network footprint expands, so do the vulnerabilities and risks to your data and infrastructure. So how do you protect your data and users against cybercriminals, network failures, and plain human error? You can rest easily with our comprehensive security-first methodology and practice.

Cloud Infastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud 9 Infosystems Inc.’s strategic and structured step-by-step analysis and execution allows a perfect fit solution for your company. Our framework speeds up time-to-market. It improves your cloud-enabled digital transformation projects with well-defined, agile, and security-first methodologies.

Modern Virtual Desktop

Modern Workplace Solution

With the number of staff in the office decreasing, employees need ways to work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Cloud 9 Infosystems, Inc provides a secure and reliable Windows virtual desktop solution to empower your remote desktop efforts.

Cloud Applications

Application Innovation

Modernize your legacy applications into agile, secure, and innovative cloud applications. Empower your employees and drive business growth. Our dedicated DevOps team can help your organization get the most value from your current applications and build environments that enable continuous innovation.

DevOps and Automation

DevOps and Automation

Your business applications are at the heart of your company’s future state. So, from those first lines of code, how do you give your clients and team members the best tools to unleash their capabilities and make them their most productive selves.

Data Visualization

Data, Analytics, and AI

Turn your data into a stunning visualization that can help decision-making, identify trends, measure core business metrics, and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs). Cloud 9 Infosystems Inc. uses best-in-class business intelligence tools and practices to turn your data into actionable insights that your entire team can understand.

Meet Our Partners

Discover your potential

With the back-up of our partners and our globally based team, we help organizations achieve resilience, agility, and speed to transform and empower their teams, enable remote work, and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. With partners like Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon Web Services, and Google Partner Network we have you covered.

Sherlaender Phillips (Lani)

Vice President, US Channel Sales Organization at Microsoft

“Cloud 9 is … a certified woman and minority-owned cloud services organization that truly believes in promoting a diverse and inclusive culture, especially for women and people of color. (Cloud 9) is led by an incredibly compassionate and diverse leadership team. I also love to see … that they are focused on providing equitable compensation, representation, recognition, flexible schedules, and … mentorship opportunities for all women. Cloud 9 and Microsoft have enjoyed 10 great years of partnership, and we look forward to the next 10 years working together. Way to go, Cloud 9!”

“Cloud 9 really excels at navigating their customers through their digital transformation journey.”

  • Brent Combest
  • General Manager of Microsoft Central Region SMB&D

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