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Today, data is the key to driving business outcomes. Organizations across industries are beginning to understand all this data’s potential, so they store it—in vast quantities and from many sources, from social media to ERP—in the cloud. But harnessing the data is just the first step.

  • How do you get to that data so you can leverage it?
  • How do you ensure everyone in your organization, regardless of technical ability, can get in on the action?
  • And how do you get what you need for your industry, as well as your organization’s unique requirements?

The Microsoft Power Platform is designed for that purpose, providing more access than ever before to business intelligence, app development, and app connectivity.

The Power Platform allows you to build customized solutions for your own company, industry, specific roles, or even for specific geographies.

United by the underlying Common Data Service, Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents exist alongside Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365, and your other Azure cloud-hosted departmental applications.

This connected experience is what sets Microsoft applications and infrastructure apart from all the rest.

A brief description about each component of the Power Platform


A cloud-based business intelligence solution that enables data modeling, discovery, and interactive visual reporting.

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics service that makes it easy for users to easily pull data stored in CDS or any other database to build reports and dashboards that can be displayed just about anywhere, including apps, SharePoint, Teams on a website.


Custom apps connected to the common data service, run on any device, securely enhancing any business process.

Power Apps allows anyone to build web and mobile applications without writing code. The connection between Power BI and Power Apps makes it easy to disseminate insights to those who need it, wherever they are, and tailored to the tasks they need to accomplish.


Simple solutions to manage task automation, process automation, integrations, and workflows in the cloud. Microsoft Power Automate is a service that enables users to create automated workflows between apps and services. Workflows can then be used to integrate and update data, synchronize files, get notifications, and more. The number of apps and services that work with Flow is continually growing.


Personalize issue resolution conversations with virtual agents for customer service or line-of-business scenarios.

Power Virtual Agents lets anyone easily create bots using a guided, no-code graphical interface by empowering teams to build bots that reduce costs by automating common inquiries and improving customer satisfaction with 24/7 self-help.

Microsoft’s Common Data Service

The foundation of the Power Platform is the Common Data Service for Apps (CDS).

CDS is a secure database hosted in the Azure Cloud and pre-built with a standard set of entities and record types representing commonly used concepts and activities. These are extensible so that users can add additional data fields as well as new entities. These entities have relationships with each other, and you can create business rules for fields.

Power Apps Transform Work

With a low-code approach, you can create custom enterprise business apps to transform everyday business processes.

  •  Build apps for any mobile device
  •  Connect to Dynamics 365, O365, and other solutions, including Power BI & Power Automate
  •  Get creative with a drag and drop interface that feels like PowerPoint
  • Publish out to your organization and change how work gets done

Power Automate Connects Everything

You’ll wonder how you did things before Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow). All organization levels can streamline notifications, sync data between systems, automate workflows, and more — leading to faster, more efficient business processes.

  • Universal workflow across applications
  • Powerful integration engine
  • Create user-defined workflows and robotic process automation with UI flows
  • Manage enterprise-level integrations with Azure Logic Apps

Power Virtual Agents for Any Issue

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents means you can spend more time building your content library for virtual agents to help resolve more issues faster — and less time building the agent.

  • Personalize conversations and resolve issues faster
  • Without the investment in developers, AI experts, and data scientists
  •  Applicable to any line-of-business, not just customer service scenarios
  •  Stand-alone engine separate from Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Microsoft Power Platform

The Power Platform enables users to Analyze, Act, and Automate by combining three robust, cloud-based services—Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow)—into one platform that allows anyone (not just programmers) to build apps and gain data insights quickly and easily.

Extending the power of Office and Dynamics…and more

What's even more amazing about the Power Platform is that it not only extends Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365, but it can also integrate with just about any business application you work with, like Salesforce, Workday, SAP, or Oracle. Now that's extensibility.

Want to see the potential of the Power Platform in your business? Talk to Cloud 9 experts about a Proof of Concept engagement

A proof of concept is a low-risk way to see what the Power Platform can do for your business while helping you get buy-in and build excitement with your employees. In a 5 to 10 days proof of concept engagement, we help you re-imagine a challenge or goal during four phases:

  • INSPIRE. We work together in a workshop to envision and build a strategy, defining a solution to your challenge or goal.
  • DESIGN. We identify desired business outcomes and assess the solution’s potential value; we then strategize on the approach.
  • EMPOWER. The vision comes to life through visual assets and a demonstration of the transformative possibilities and value.
  • ACHIEVE. We deliver an action plan that offers a real-world blueprint.

The Power Platform Proof of Concept stimulates the ideation process, but the action is required. This engagement also delivers concrete deliverables that identify the value you can expect by moving forward with a Power Platform project.


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