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Independent Software Vendors ISV


  • Develop Apps Faster
  • Financial Support, Discounts/Credits
  • Increase Sales Velocity
  • More Opportunities in Larger Marketplace
  • Leverage Multi-Cloud Strength


Grow Your ISV Business with
Cloud 9 Infosystems!

Azure Expert MSP/ Multiple Gold Partner/
ISV Solution Partner

  • Highly Credentialed Partner with global footprint
  • Deep technical and commercial experience to support your growth opportunities
  • We can assist your journey to quickly build and scale your apps on a trusted, secure Cloud with the largest marketplace, 270 million Microsoft users and millions of businesses
  • Accelerate your customer acquisition and retention

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We can discuss your needs:

  • Is your business growing to the next level faster than the competition?
  • Do you need extra expertise or more capacity to support your tech team?
  • Are your monthly bills too high for the value you receive?
  • Is your Azure footprint optimized?
  • Can Managed Services free up staff for revenue generating activities and improving security?
  • Is licensing a hassle?

Significant investment credits up to $150,000


Expert technical support

  • Powerful, best in class developer tools
  • Development-add more velocity and scalability
  • 1:1 Consultations-technical engineering design, publishing guidance, app architecture review
  • Hybrid and Multi–Cloud Strategies

Commercial insights

  • Applications exposure to millions of people and businesses in the commercial marketplace
  • Free business insights software
  • Accelerate Go-To-Market strategies and resources

Multi-Cloud Strategies

  • Expose your solutions to a much larger marketplace

Support for Start-ups

  • Founders Hub

Licensing/Services Needs

  • Cloud 9 Infosystems is a Tier – 1 Microsoft Licensing Reseller and CSP Microsoft 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, Dynamics CRM/Marketing, Power Platform, Data Analytics, App Dev, Azure and more

Managed Services

  • Patching, alarms, ticket portals for problem resolutions, security reviews and more

Take advantage of Business Trends

  • Multi-Cloud Strategy has exploded business growth opportunities for ISVs
  • By 2027 the global market estimated at $4.1 billion
  • Estimated SaaS marketplace growth 21%
  • Average revenue valuation for private SaaS ISVs 11.2X vs. 3.5X for public ISVs

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