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Cloud 9 Infosystems partners with Microsoft for Startups Program bringing together the technology, coaching, and support you need to reach your next milestone.

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Cloud 9 Infosystems Startups Program

A platform that helps your business grow.

Build at your own pace with up to $150,000 in free Azure credits.

Get free access to powerful development and productivity tools including GitHub and Microsoft 365.

Receive mentorship guidance from business leaders and technical experts.

Access startup-friendly offers from Microsoft partners.

Build your Startup with
Cloud 9

Designed to help you develop at your own pace, you can unlock up to $150,000 in credits and additional time to build as your company grows.


You are refining your startup idea and prototyping your product.


in Azure credits now and up to $150k as your usage and company grow


You know your solution has value and you are jumping into developing a minimally viable product.


in Azure credits now and up to $150k as your usage and company grow


You have launched your product and are focusing on shipping features and winning customers.


in Azure credits now and up to $150k as your usage and company grow


You have product market fit and are ready to focus on scaling your company.


in Azure credits now

Build quickly and run more efficiently with free
access to Microsoft tools and platforms

LinkedIn benefits are now available to
help you recruit, generate leads, and more!

We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with LinkedIn offering exclusive benefits available for all Microsoft for Startups Founder Hub members!

3 months free for 1 seat of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to help you connect with the right people to drive your business forward.

3 months free for 1 seat of LinkedIn Talent Solutions to help you find top candidates for your growing team.

3 months free for 1 seat of LinkedIn Business Premium to expand your network and turn profile views into opportunities.

$500 worth of ad credits towards LinkedIn Ads to reach your ideal customers on the world’s largest professional network.

Speed up development and grow your
startup with access to expert guidance

Partnering with Cloud 9 Infosystems

Partnering with Cloud 9 Infosystems for Cloud Managed Services enables businesses to overcome the challenges. We enable our customers to focus on what matters. Choosing Cloud 9 as your Cloud MSP provides your business with access to full-stack, multi-disciplinary teams with unrivalled experience in:

  1. Platform Management
  2. Legacy Application Modernization and Transformation
  3. Database Management and Optimization
  4. Software Asset Management and Licensing

Our Expertise

Our consultants are experts in multiple areas of the IT industry, including the full lifecycle of cloud services, from Cloud Strategy and Adoption through to Design, Transition (Migration to Cloud), and Operation and Optimization (Our Cloud Managed Services).

Through our extensive Cloud Managed Services offering, Cloud 9 takes ownership of the tasks that keep you from focusing on what matters, driving your business objectives and strategic initiatives.

Personalized training and content

Tailored learning paths, content, and events are designed to help you progress to the next stage no matter your starting point.

Ready for business

  • A secure and compliant cloud platform trusted by organizations small and large including 95% of Fortune 500 companies.
  • Opportunities to grow your business and sell your solution with Microsoft go-to-market channels and services.

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