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Since its humble beginnings in 1979, I-CAR has grown tremendously in its global footprint. It is formed out of a collaboration across the six segments of the collision repair Inter-Industry. I-CAR remains ahead of the curve in its quest to support and accelerate its critical vision and mission-based work: to equip every person in the collision repair industry with the technical knowledge, skills, information, and solutions necessary to perform complete, safe, and quality repairs for the ultimate benefit of the consumer.


  • Size: 50-200 employees
  • Location: US – Midwest


Practice Areas

  • Microsoft 365


With the hundreds of users with 1.47 Million+ Files and 150,000+ Folders, there is a number of things one must do. For example, the Right mapping of the File Server contents to the users’ respective OneDrive environments. In addition to proper mapping, the result must be monitored and validated.


To satisfy our customer requirements Cloud 9 Infosystems engaged its OneDrive Migration Team to make the migration uncomplicated and easy.

By deploying our Cloud 9 Infosystems OneDrive migration approach and using the Share Gate migration tool, Cloud 9 Infosystems delivery team was able to complete the migration within time and within the budgetary needs of our client.

Cloud 9 Infosystems OneDrive migration approach consists of:

  • Analysis of requested users’ content folders environment.
  • Assessment and Pre-Migration Check and forecasting the different types of issues using the Share Gate Migration tool
  • Validation, planning for issues platform differences requiring change management, and possible customizations.
  • Scheduling and Automating the migration of all 300+ employees Content and associated Metadata (Created, Created By, Modified) from File Server to OneDrive business.
  • Migration of all Files and Folders of 300+ users into expectant OneDrive environment.
  • Validation by the Cloud 9 Infosystems OneDrive Migration Team that the content is accurate and migrated as per customer requirements.
  • Demonstration and Training the customers on best practices to manage the new environment and to secure delivery of the newly migrated content to business owners/users

Cloud 9 Infosystems OneDrive migration approach is proven and offers a guaranteed business result.


The automated solution developed by Cloud 9 Infosystems has been successfully migrated bulk users’ contents to their respective OneDrive environments and delivered the quality output with complete client satisfaction.

With Cloud 9 Infosystems OneDrive migration approach client has noticed the following important business benefits:

  • Drastically reduced the amount of time to migrate content to OneDrive Business
  • Allowing the customer to focus on critical tasks instead of the migration
  • Customizing and Modifying of the automated migration using the Share Gate tool on the fly to fulfill customer’s unique needs
  • Migration of 300+ users with 1.47 Million+ Files and 150,000+ with 100% accuracy based on customer need