Out of the 70 percent of businesses who have embarked on their digital transformation journey, Cloud migration is a pillar of almost all their strategies.

Migrating your application portfolio is a critical first step for success with AWS. Cloud 9 Infosystems, will manage your migration to best match your business requirements now and in the future. Support for AWS Migration Services involves discovery, planning, testing and configuration which is fully managed by Cloud 9 from start to finish.

As part of our Migration Service, you can expect complete guidance and collaboration across the entire AWS migration journey.

Access and Analyze

We will work with your team through a discovery workshop that analyzes your current environment, identifying workload and application dependencies.

  • End-to-end project management and governance
  • AWS migration discovery and design
  • Migration quality assurance
  • Leverage advanced tooling to analyze your current IT environment(s)
  • Provide a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for running the environment(s) in AWS
  • Assess applications to determine the readiness for migration and the most suitable migration strategy for each workload

Design and Deploy

Our certified experts will design the AWS environment according to your security, compliance and technical requirements for faster deployments.

  • Environment build-out
  • Migration execution and orchestration
  • Data synchronization
  • Design of the landing zone, which includes the AWS account structure, networks and security configuration
  • Deploy the landing zone into AWS, ready to take in the first migrated applications


Migration execution follows a proven approach that Cloud 9 has developed through managing complex cloud migrations for a multitude of clients across industry verticals. Applications are migrated according to their pre-determined category:

  • Lift and Optimize, Re-platform, Re-factor
  • Ensuring smooth migration into our managed service
  • Validation against success criteria
  • Ongoing support on the AWS platform


  • Managing the AWS Cloud infrastructure 24*7 using Cloud 9 legacy tools.
  • Certified Cloud consultants working on the AWS Cloud environment
  • Alerts, Monitoring, Reporting, Ticketing portal for smooth management of customers AWS infrastructure.

How does Cloud 9 build consistent successful AWS Cloud solutions?

We use 5 Amazon Web Services (AWS) pillars as a framework, to dive deeper into more specific areas.


Identity & Key Management


Security Monitoring and Logging

Dedicated Instances





RI and Spot

Volume Tuning

Service Selection

Consolidated Billing

Resource Utilization


Service Limits

Multi-AZ / Region


Health Checks & Monitoring


Disaster Recovery


Right AWS Services

Storage Architecture

Resource Utilization


Planning & Benchmarking

Latency Requirements





Game Days

Infrastructure as Code


Leverage the Advantages of AWS


Your business deserves a seamless and uninterrupted journey to the cloud. Partnering with Cloud 9, an AWS Partner, you will have a team of expert engineers to help you plan, design, deploy and execute your migration to AWS. We’re an award-winning managed service provider with over a decade of experience in numerous technologies, including Microsoft and Oracle workloads.

Cloud 9’s AWS migration services help you simplify the journey through a robust iterative strategy.